Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gorgon Project update

Hello All, 

The last two weeks have been very stressful and busy. I have not had the opportunity to really get a good update together, but I have been making some small progress towards my goal to get this army ready for the NOVA Open and NOCF charity functions. 

First off I have mostly completed the 24 Hormagaunts 

I still need to add some special effects. 
Original for comparison

I think they look pretty neat.

Next I decided to work on the Zoenthropes. There are the old metal ones from the late 90's. I guess that makes the 2nd generation? Anyway they seem to have retained their value as they sell on ebay for 20-25 dollars each. The army has 6. 


Cleaning up the carapace 

A spot of color to make them stand out.

A start on the base.

NOT Camera shy- check out that grin!
These are in progress and these are not the final shots you will see. 

I have also been working on writing out the process I use to paint/ spruce up these models, but it is harder than I thought to get these ideas down as I am more of an instinctual painter and frequently go off the reservation when dealing with colors and techniques unless I am painting something specific like this army. Hopefully I will have something soon for a new post.

Till next time,


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hive Fleet Gorgon Project

Hello All,

Just a quick update on the Hive Fleet Gorgon Project I am doing of the NOCF. This past week was pretty hectic so  did not get as much time on the project as I wanted, but PROGRESS was made!
I have completed the first 10 Hormagaunts. Only 14 more to go!

I added Nurgle's Rot to the Scythes to put emphasis on their
 "Toxic Fleet" reputation. 

I also Added Blood for the Blood God and more Nurgle's Rot to
the bases to really give it that "we are on a Space Hulk" feel.

Here are the next five based and ready for a face lift!
Well that's it for now.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pictures from the April 14 Terrain build

Hello All,

Today we had us a terrain build day. The weather was sunny and warm. Perfect for terrain making.
We were able to get so much stuff painted today that we filled three massive of boxes and got them to storage.

Here are some pictures to highlight the fun we had.

A great day was had by all. Come join us next time.

Till then...


Friday, April 13, 2018

Project Gorgon (as seen on the Rogue General Hunter)

Hive Fleet Gorgon, known to the Tau as the Toxic Fleet, is one of the many Tyranid hive fleets in the 40K universe. In the setting they have an adaptability level that is impressive even for the ever changing Tyranids. After a single encounter they will adapt on a biological level to defeat foes using ever mutating toxins that quickly overcome their victims with just the slightest touch. After encountering plague marines of Moldering Claw this became even worse as they adapted to a level that could even affect the followers of Nurgle.

Why am I bringing this up? Well I have volunteered to to refurbish and refresh an old Hive fleet Gorgon army for the NOCF. As far as I can tell the army was painted back in 2009. Some of the models have dates painted on the bottom of the bases that I assume are around when they were originally painted. Most of the models were current for that time period or older. The army was probably designed for 5th edition.  

I am attempting to bring them into the current edition of the game and get them ready for folks to bid on in the famous NOCF Silent auction! 

Here are a few BEFORE shots.   

Not terrible, but after 9 years they are definitely in need of some TLC (and basing.) 

Here are some close ups (also BEFORE)

My plan is to brighten them up and make them POP. My wife suggested treating the current paint jobs as the base colors and work them up. I tried that and it seems to work. The next three pictures are of a single Gaunt in the original colors.

Next is what they looked like after I brightened them up and re-based them. The Carapace is a bit darker than normal for Gorgon but I'll just call that artistic license.

There are 114 models to work on and around 4 months to complete while I am still doing everything else I do each day and my NOVA Open obligations. Wish me luck

Next time I will go over what I am doing per model type and what paints I am using in case you want to follow along at home. 

Till next time