Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gorgon Project update

Hello All, 

The last two weeks have been very stressful and busy. I have not had the opportunity to really get a good update together, but I have been making some small progress towards my goal to get this army ready for the NOVA Open and NOCF charity functions. 

First off I have mostly completed the 24 Hormagaunts 

I still need to add some special effects. 
Original for comparison

I think they look pretty neat.

Next I decided to work on the Zoenthropes. There are the old metal ones from the late 90's. I guess that makes the 2nd generation? Anyway they seem to have retained their value as they sell on ebay for 20-25 dollars each. The army has 6. 


Cleaning up the carapace 

A spot of color to make them stand out.

A start on the base.

NOT Camera shy- check out that grin!
These are in progress and these are not the final shots you will see. 

I have also been working on writing out the process I use to paint/ spruce up these models, but it is harder than I thought to get these ideas down as I am more of an instinctual painter and frequently go off the reservation when dealing with colors and techniques unless I am painting something specific like this army. Hopefully I will have something soon for a new post.

Till next time,


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