Sunday, June 21, 2015

Recent Projects for the NOVA Open

Hello All,

RGH here with some shots of recent projects that will be at the 2015 NOVA Open!

Trenchworxs Tanks - Here is the follow up on the tank building for the Renault FT that will be the featured vehicle of the first annual NOVA Open speed painting competition! Models by Trenchworx


Ready for assembly

25 finished!

The bear approves 

Primed and ready

Defensive fencing 

These are for the narrative 

The Eldar Table 

The scenery has shown up for the Eldar table. Looks like it will be fun to assemble.

Charity Knight

This Knight was built and sent to us for the NOCF. During transport some of the parts came loose. I have managed to get them back together with no issues.

Notice the camouflage pattern


An idea- more on this later
Well thats it for now. 

See you at the next build session!


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