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From the May 15th NOVA News letter

Actual Newspaper from VE day 1945

Just How Cool Are They?

If you're into the painting side of the hobby, you should be thinking about signing up to participate in the NOVA Open's First Speed Painting Competition

In case you don't know about the "canvas" provided for the contest, RGH (NOVA Open "Minister of Terrain") did a little research to get you wrapped up in the history of this amazing little tank. He writes:

This tank was first built in 1917 by the Renault Automobile Company the Renault FT (or just FT) and is considered to be the first modern tank. Many of its innovations are still being used in tank design nearly a century later. The most obvious of these is the turret. It was the first tank design to use a full rotation turret allowing it to fire in any direction and eliminating the need for multiple cannons on different sides of the tank. Even by the standards of its day, the FT is small. With its trench plate in place, it is a mere 16' x 7' x 6', weighing in at just 7 tons fully loaded. Top speed? 4 miles per hour! More Interesting Facts:

  • The FT came onto the scene near the end of WWI and continued to see service through WWII and even into the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.
  • The first US Light Tank Brigade (1918) was made up entirely of Renault FT tanks. It was commanded by Major George S. Patton who actually rode on top of one during the attack into Pannes France to inspire his men.
  • The FT has been used by over 25 different countries including the US, the former Soviet Union, and even Nazi Germany.
  • This tank is commonly called the FT-17, but this seems to be a post WWI convention. In France, it was the Renault FT; in the US, the M1917; and Soviet Union version was called the Russkiy Reno or"Russian Renault" - fair since the Soviet model was a copy taken from 14 captured and heavily damaged FTs!
  • Of the thousands built, around 80 or so (including 2 built from scratch in 2011) are still around mostly in museums and private collections.

George Patton & FT17

The twenty-five 28mm tanks donated byTrenchworx are currently being built. The kits are fully magnetized with a removable turret and interchangeable main guns. Two tanks came together so quickly that RGH commented on how quick and easy they were to build. Trenchworx's Paul Figgins was on the thread and shared, "I am glad you like them! As we are all miniature war-gamers here, we like to pay attention to detail as well as ease of assembly. It helps us get them onto the table for gaming faster!"

Check out the RULES for this GREX Speed Airbrush Competition and then gowww.novaopenstore and choose your slot in the contest. Winners receive GREX airbrushes!


Here are some Pictures of the actual models

3 Tanks washed and drying by the window

The real one is only 16 feet long

2 different weapon options (Magnetized)

The first 10 off the assembly line

BTW: The next terrain build is 5/23.

Be there!


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