Sunday, February 24, 2013

Were Back!

Hello all,

Here we are in preparation for the 2013 NOVA open, now just a few short months away. Can you believe its been half a year since NOVA 2012. Boy has time flown by! So anyway the NOVA Overlords (NOVALORDS)  have spoken and we have answered the call.  Here now begins the journey towards the next NOVA.

"The Road Goes Ever On" - Tolkien

Today 2-24-13 marks the first build session for NOVA 2013. Like last year there is a lot of stuff to be built. and also like last year we decided to start with tables. Honestly I thought we were done with these but as you will see this is not the case. When I arrived on the scene the (Unofficial) NOVA pickup truck was packed to the gills with boards. these were going to eventually become the tables and side boards that took up the lion share of the day. More stapling felt and muslin to wood.

On a positive note it went very fast and darn they look good! Here are some pictures from the day


Uncut Felt

NOVA volunteers hard at work

It has to be just right

As you can see our work attracted a lot of attention

Our Fan club?
Just like last year we were able to get our hands on a new toy to speed things up. Check it out!

I'm glad I don't pay the power bill at this place!
The big topic today Infinity. How should we do the terrain. As you can see we did some serious brain storming. I just hope the TOs like it!

Maybe the Diet coke can in the middle?

Some ideas for layouts

An odd mix of household items that could be proxied for terrain 

Lunch was Bacon cheeseburger sliders with pasta salad and chips. Mmmmmmmmm.
Our next event is March 16. Be there if you can! You know you want to...

Till next time,