Saturday, November 22, 2014

Secret Weapon- Deadzone Table part 2

A puzzle the wife put together. Unrelated but cool.

Hello All,

Here is an update from last weeks post. I have received my "Scrap Yard" table. It showed up the day after the last post. :)

I have not taken any pictures of it yet.

I have made some progress on the Deadzone table. check it out:

Secret Weapon is a well loved sponsor of the NOVA Open so I figured it would be appropriate here. 

The fist tile in progress

Hatch cover detail

Burnt umber and Black oil paint was used to sharpen the lines.

Tile 2 at the air brush step.

Let me know what you think...



Friday, November 14, 2014

New Toys

I finally got my hands on some of my "Tablescapes" from Secret Weapon Miniatures. WOOOT!

In this case it's the Dead Zone 2" by 2" board with cool Display board ring!

Check it out!

Secret Weapon is a well loved sponsor of the NOVA Open so I figured I would be appropriate here.

The Package


The contents

The stacking system is really cool and as you can see it keeps parts from rubbing when packed away.

And finally the assembled board.

Zombies  and scaffold added 

Just waiting for the 4' by 6 scrap yard to show up.

(Edit: they arrived a few days ago. Pictures up soon)

Till next time


Thursday, September 4, 2014

NOVA Over!

WOW! Its hard to believe it's over, but NOVA 2014 is a done deal.

6 days of hard work (I started Wednesday at 8 am and stopped Monday at noon) to create an event that was by far the best NOVA Open yet. Some may have seen this already but Mike Brandt, the CEO of NOVA Open LLC, wrote the following in the latest news letter.

To the NOVA Open's Great Sponsors, Staff, & Attendees:


The 2014 NOVA Open was easily our best and favorite so far. People attended from around the world to participate in our gaming tournaments, organized and open play, and seminars ~ to socialize and to shop. We added many new and innovative components to the NOVA Open, resulting in success, a million laughs, fun stories, and wonderful success. We saw truly fine art submitted to Capital Palette, watched incredible competitions, camaraderie, and connections formed, and sat back to enjoy the smiling faces of our attendees throughout the halls.

Perhaps most importantly, we achieved success in the greatest fundamental goal of the NOVA - helping raise awareness and resources in supporting worthy higher causes throughout the world. The numbers are still coming in, but early signs show the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation raising nearly $20,000 thanks to the generosity and participation of a compassionate, global force of tabletop wargamers.

I never imagined where the NOVA Open would go, and its Fifth Year didn't fail to once again surprise me with the warmth, imagination, sociability, and excitement of our staff, supporters, and attendees. We look forward to using your feedback and enthusiasm to fuel implementation of new ideas, further improvement of present successes, and planning for an even bigger and better NOVA Open 2015. As you enjoy the coming Autumn, we hope you'll think fondly on the memories built this past weekend, and join us in looking excitedly forward to the next year.

As usual, keep your eyes peeled for our annual survey, and let us know what we did right, and what we could do better moving forward. Also, mark your calendars - Labor Day Weekend of 2015 will be here before any of us know it! Also, keep your eyes on our regular newsletters ... we already have several exciting things set up that we just can't quite tell you about yet!

Thanks to all of you for making the NOVA something worth putting on every year. Stay safe, enjoy life, never forget the value of play to a happy life, and we hope to see you next year.

Mike Brandt, CEO

I have decided to do a picture dump rather than my normal day by day coverage from previous years. Get ready for a bunch of pictures.

Part 1 Set up- Wednesday - Thursday morning

New Cases

Part 2-the Lounge
We took 2 rooms on the 18th floor and turned them into a VIP lounge but this year it was open to all guests. Coffee and doughnuts in the AM, Soda and sandwiches in the afternoon, and drinks till 1 AM. (we had an ABC license)   Good times...

Part 3- Charity Armies
We raised almost $20,000 for our charities this year.  Check out the set up...
This was a bonus item added to the Ultramarine army
the Nid and Ultramarine army displayed on the battlefield
This battlefield was a donation and sold at auction for $500.00

Part 4 capital palette
More pictures can be found here

Capital Palette (List of Winners)

Fan Favorite: Nicholas Pasch, Iguana
Best in Show: John Steining, Contemptor, killing Sons of Horus Knight
Small Single 
Gold: Frank Behrens, Gladiator
Silver: Alex Akers, "Et Tu, Brutus"
Bronze: Steve Carey, Danish Warlord

Large Single 
Gold: John Brader, Panther

Gold: John Steining, Panthers
Silver: Alex Akers, Early War Gzbirjuger
Bronze: Richard Rush, WWII USMC

Small Single 
Gold: Rhodes Davis, Forest Stalker
Silver: Martin Jones, Ulris the Defiler
Bronze: Alex Akers, Khador Warcaster

Large Single 
Gold: Nicholoas Pasch, Dwarf Slayer
Silver: Martin Jones, Monique Denoir
Bronze: Alex Akers, Thorin Oakenshield

Gold: Kevin "Bogo" Bogucki, Dr. McMourning's Lab
Silver: Jeremy Bernhardt, Ninja Goblins
Bronze: Frank Behrens, Brun Cragback and Lug

Small Single  
Gold: Alex Akers, World Eaters, Pre-Heresy
Silver: Mitch Stevens, Nurgle Lord
Bronze: Martin Jones, Shasvasti Noctifer

Large Single 
Gold: John Steining, Contemptor, killing Sons of Horus Knight
Silver: Martin Jones, J3FF
Bronze: John Steining, Sons of Horus Land Raider

Gold: Jeremy Dobbins, Ultramarines
Silver: Steve Carey, Ork Warboss with Retinue
Bronze: Joseph Johnson, Blood for the Blood God

Part 5 The Games

This is not a test (Demo)

Part 6 - Characters- We were able to get members of the 501st squadron to show up and support X wing for its 1st year at the NOVA! We also has one of our returning favorites Commander Bestian leader of the Human Faction of our Narrative Campaign.

Commander Bestian

Part 7- Extras



Part 8 Packing up

The NOVA Open was one hell of a great time. I am looking forward to next year