Saturday, February 20, 2016

NOVA Open 2016 Build Season Session 1

Oh look! It's Build Time Again!

That's right! It's time for NOVA's annual build seasons to kick off. We'll gather at NOVA's storage (The Terrain Cave) to build some tables and try and sort out the mess we left there last season.
It's February, so dress appropriately. As always, lunch and drinks will be provided.  Come join the fun and catch-up with your fellow NOVA volunteers. 
NOVA Open Staff Wrangler
Hello all,

Today was the first terrain build for the 2016 season. We had a really good turn out with several familiar faces as well as a nice mix of new ones. Today's featured activities included table felting and storage unit organization/ Inventory.  The work was hard but everyone looked like they were having a good time. There was plenty of doughnuts, pizza, and coffee for everyone. Mike promises this will be the least fun terrain day for this year!

Felting tables

Inventory has to be pulled out

and organized

That is a lot of tables

Hot Pink!

All the felt has been measured and cut! (50 tables knocked out)

An important discussion in progress.

Putting a few things away

Nick Working hard

A donation from a previous NOVA

The other storage room

The Lincoln Memorial needs some attention

Ramping up the work load

A nifty picture of the Star Destroyer

More tables added

And more tables

Putting it all back

A job well done!

All packed and ready for storage. 
Thanks to everyone who came out. I look forward the next terrain day. I hope to see you there.