Sunday, March 26, 2017

Terrain Build March 25 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday we had our second terrain build for 2017. With this being Adepticon weekend it is not surprising that the turnout was on the light side. Still we had a better turnout than in some previous years.

10 people is respectable for such a weekend... :)

Anyway- We continued our work on the AoS LOS blockers and completed assembly on all 50 pieces. Some still needed stonework done on them but this was accomplished in short order and all are ready for final trim and paint.

Folks hard at work

Some of the assembled pieces.

During this process there were lots of extra foam chunks that would normally be cast off and thrown away, but with this year's theme of "not a drop is wasted" we will be using the extra to make scatter terrain for 40K. 

Even the foam bits we pinched to make the blasted rock effect is being used for rubble.

Lastly- Since it was such a beautiful day we set up the pavilion and cut up some MDF to make tree bases and water features.

In all it was a productive day and I look forward to our next meeting on April 8th!



Sunday, March 12, 2017

Terrain Build March 11 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday we had ourselves a terrain build session! the first official one of 2017. We had to split the day between business (NOVA staff meeting) and terrain building (Bob's builders.) I think it went well.

Due to some unforeseen logistics issues we were forced to narrow our focus for the day to the Age of Sigmar wall sections mention in the last two posts.

Since we were so focused the progress on this assignment was impressive.

We worked off of printed bill plans

We cut up n 8 foot by 4 foot sheet of 2" foam to make all the parts

Lots of sections

I also designed a 40K version of the Wall section.

This is bid towards the needs for the 2017 40K GT and other events.

Finally our Staff Wrangler dropped off two pieces of terrain for is to consider in the role of mass production.


In all it was a productive day. 

The next event is March 25th with the location TBD.

Till next time.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wall Section Part 2

Pictures of the finished wall section


Till Next time


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Build Season Starts March 11th!

Hello All,

It almost here! I'm talking about the 2017 Build season! This year we are more organized than we have ever been before (it was not that difficult a feat so hold your applause) and it's a good thing since we have a lot to do. We can use all the help we can get, so if you are interested let me know!

For my first installment of 2017 I would like to start with some build instructions for one of the many projects we are doing this year. Line of sight blockers for Age of Sigmar. Here is the step by step guide for what we are building!


 These are the instructions for building the 2017 Standard LOS blocking terrain for Age of Sigmar and any other system that needs them.
1.       2” Foam (Models are on larger bases than they used to be.)
2.       Thin disk (bought at Michael’s)
3.       Glue
4.       Thick Card Stock
5.       Hot Wire cutter (Table top and hand held)
6.       Dull Pencil
7.       Utility Knife
8.       Sharpie
9.        Sand
10.   Paint

Step 1. PREP
Cut out three 6” by 4” rectangles (Try to make them as straight as possible)

Step 2. THE WALS
On two of the 6x4 rectangles. Use the Wire cutter to cut an angle starting 2 to 3 inches along the 6” side going to the 6th inch of the other side (See Picture below.) You can also angle the edges along this cut to make step 3 easier.

Using your fingers pinch out an irregular pattern on the cut out area (See picture below)

Take the last rectangle and cut it in half longways so that you have 2 pieces 6” by 2” by 2”

No Picture for this one

Take one of these and trim it to 4.5 inches long/tall. Pinch off foam around the top as seen in the picture below.

Step 6. DRY FIT
Put the pieces together and make sure they fit. It should look something like this.

Use the table Hot wire cutter to make lines horizontal to the 6” length 1 “apart and the sharpie to mark vertical lines every  2” to make a brick pattern

Use the handheld cutter (Or a dull Pencil) to make the vertical lines

Step 9. THE BASE
Take the disk base and make sure the pieces fit properly. Once satisfied glue them in place.

Take the last piece of 6” x 2” x 2” foam and angle it the same was as step 2. Then pinch off foam as in step 3. Once complete glue it in as seen in the pic below.

Make (2) 2 .5” x 4”  strips of Card stock and glue them where the walls meet the corner. (Optional) Next make two patterns out of cardstock for corner decorations. I chose a Hammer and a lightning bolt (AoS Theme) or you can leave them blank

Here is what it looks like with models on it.

All that is left is sand paint and flock! I will have instructions for that soon.

Till next time…