Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Last (Hopefully) Build session for 2013!

Play that funky music NOVA Boy

Hello all,

This past Saturday we had what I hope is the last build for 2013. With about a month to go we really need to focus our energy on other matters.

In all the day went well. Lots of new terrain from Tectonic Craft Studios was built and painted to what I like to call the "Nova Standard" Take a look.

Lots of cool stuff

first batch of assembled pieces
More Parts
2nd wave coming up!
Get some paint on that thing!

Burnt out building #1

Burnt out building #2

Burnt out building #3 close up

Check out the roof on that one.
Starting on the base
Boxes and fences (Base coated)

We also finished up some hills that were actually built 2 years ago! Talk about "on back order."
These things were already pretty good but they needed some Nova style TLC to really make them pop. Our Dry brush team went straight to work fixing any damage and flocking up any place that needed it. Check it out!

This team is dedicated!

Repairs to make a better NOVA in 2013


All lined up

Ready for the NOVA
The Nova staff outdid themselves this week with a magnificent Chinese feast for lunch! I don't want to comment on the food, too much as I have not had lunch yet today, but I will admit that getting back to work afterwards was a challenge.

Let the Feast begin!

3 kinds of pudding for dessert!
We did not get everything we intended finished, but we did get enough done to allow everything else to be done as home work. I myself took 7 kits with me that will be talked about in an upcoming post.

Think Cho Cho!

Well that's it for now.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Build Session July 13th 2013


Hello All,

Yesterday we had the 2nd to last build session for NOVA 2013. I have to say we really kicked some Butt on this one. Infinity Terrain is down for the count and our eyes are firmly fixed on Warmachine! Since pictures can tell  a story better than I can I think I will let them do the talking.

"And --- Here--- We---Go!"


The festive Infinity Project has come to a close

Base boards for the Infinity events

More base boards for the Infinity events

Even more base boards for the Infinity events!

Scatter terrain for infinity
More Scatter. see a theme?


Rubble terrain

This has been tagged

Dry brush test

These look cool!

The Infinity Test

We decided to test the layout of the stuff we built just to make sure we are on the money come show time.

4' x 4' measured off

model eye view

This actually looks good once put together



Lots of painting and detailing were accomplished yesterday take a look at the highlights

Making a shanty town (the beer is extra!)

Our Airbrush team in action

I want it Orange!
Check out the cool War Machine houses in the back ground
Nova Staff hard at work


Lunch was Tex Mex Mmmmmmmm

Taco meat

Didn't know shrimp was Tex Mex?

Taco station

Veggie Tray

Casadias Mmmm

Sponsor Support Highlight

Corvus Belli  and KR Multicase are both big time supporters of the NOVA open. and I was luck enough to get a glimpse of some of the cool stuff that has shown up recently. Don't tell Mike I showed you...

Good stuff

I'm in heaven

Secret Sneak peek


Not to be outdone KR kicks it up a notch 

Storage for a large convention is always a nightmare but team NOVA can find a solution for anything.
Check out what we did.

As you can see we have too much stuff for the storage unit. 

So we got extra storage delivered. (here we see Mike and Pryts moving it into position) 

To help with the hauling meet the newest member of the NOVA team!

Whats Next?

Next week is the last build session for 2013. We will be concentrating on the WarMachine/ Hordes terrain primarily from Tectonic Craft Studios another strong supporter of the 2013 NOVA open. Till then I will leave you with this Picture of some finished Warmachine buildings that were built by our staff and painted yesterday.

Pretty cool huh?

Over all yesterday was one our best build days this year. So to everyone that was here in congratulations on a job well done! Group hug everyone...

Pryts looks like he is enjoying this waaay to much.

Till next time