Saturday, January 24, 2015

Belated Happy New Year!

Hello All,

Welcome to NOVA Open 2015 building season. January is always a big month as we prepare for the February ticket kick off! Lots of cool stuff going on an to keep up on the latest and greatest I recommend heading over to  Mikes Blog Whisky & 40K. You can also sign up for the News letter by sending an email to and ask to be put on the list

Here we talk terrain. :)

On January 10, 2015 seven brave souls (including yours truly) headed out into the harsh Virginia winter to  to count, inventory, and re-box all of the stored assets NOVA Open LLC, keeps for the event. We are talking about a HUGE amount of stuff.  Even with seven people it took almost 8 hours to go through it all. (Thanks to all the folks who came out)

Here are the pictures from that day. (see if you recognize anything.)

First we emptied the locker. It filled the entire hall

In both directions

We came up with a pro labeling system (Shipping stickers)

Malifaux- Some designs are more durable than others
Like these (that Mike said were the most solid terrain he could remember seeing)

We found a lot of stuff packed in the wrong boxes

Speaking of boxes check out the new boxes for 2015
These things are massive. 

Next we set everything out to count and get photoed for later ID

An infinite amount of Infinity terrain 

Just keeps going...

And going.

Almost all the Malifaux terrain fits in a single new box
(Told you they were massive)

40K Narritive

The Train

So many hills

The busted stuff box(es)
We have a lot of fixing to do

Starting to put it away

The Banner Box

Packing Concerns

Looks Pro 

Almost done!

As always I am looking forward to the upcoming build sessions as much because they are fun as it is a chance to see people I have not talked to since the last NOVA back in August. I hope to see many of you there.