Thursday, December 26, 2013

All lanes open!

Hello travelers,

Welcome to the first post for the 2014 NOVA Open. This year we are building tons of Blocked Line Of Sight Terrain or BLOST for the 40K GT, small pieces of scatter type terrain for Infinity, and perhaps if we are really lucky we will get to dive into Fantasy terrain! In all it will be an exciting year and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming build sessions.


Infinity scatter

For the first part of 2014 we are looking at the following dates.

January 11 and 25
February 8 and 22
March 8 and 22

If you are interested in joining us in person please send an email to

Our staff will be happy to assist you in making arrangements.

Enjoy the ride!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Offline for a while

Hello All,

I just want to let everyone know that all is well and that I am taking some down time from this Blog till NOVA 2014 matters pick up again after the holidays. So if I don't hear from you before then Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

See you at the build sessions.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

NOVA Open day 5 (Just a few pictures)

Pretty cool right?

Hello all,

Sunday turned into a very long day with a lot of "random" thrown in to make things interesting. I am not really going to go into that right now but it was a great finish to a really great event. Cheers to the folks who made it happen and here's to a great event in 2014!


Here are the last of the pictures I took (In no order)'

Daemon Lord Ashen her death gaze is AP2!

Gundam Wing?

I want to kill that guy!


Needs more stuff

I like this table!

Class is in session

Capital Palette 

Capital Palette

Capital Palette

Capital Palette

Capital Palette

Capital Palette

Our first ever "Flat" entry
Well that's all I got for this years event. I hope to see you next year.



Saturday, September 21, 2013

NOVA Open Day 4 (Lots of Pictures)

Check out the cool Tee shirt I got!

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay. Work and other obligations have been a pain recently but I am back With Day 4 from the Nova Open 2013. I know many of you have moved on but come back with me and share the memories.

First up more form the capital pallet competition (Some of these are the same from the last post but better pictures) Enjoy.

St. Patrick

Powerful imagery


Close up


This is 1 Entry

Spider Fly!

Interesting but perhaps a bit overdone.

I likes this one.

Skaven Screaming bell!

In all this was the most intense competition I have had a chance to work on. There were so many good entries it was hard to pick winners. I cannot wait for next year.

Up Next 2 40K armies I snapped shots of on Saturday

That's a LOT of Orks
Lastly I would like to share some pictures from the Fantasy Room. There were a ton of really great armies. No Comments Just enjoy the show...

Saturday was a big day and as always it was by far the busiest for me,though it was well worth it.

That's all for now.