Sunday, February 23, 2014

Build Session 2-22-14

Hello All,

Yesterdays build session was for lack of a more powerful word FANTASTIC! So much stuff got done. We had around 20 people show up and work hard to get projects completed. Good Hustle Everyone!

As always here is the picture roll with captions as needed. Enjoy.

The Narrative Conex project

Fantasy buildings being built

Narrative rock formations 

Building layout demo

LOS Blockers

More LOS blockers

Sliders for lunch


part of the narrative project

Even more LOS blockers

Mike working Hard!

Mike Playing Hard

Narrative centerpieces  

Hard at work

First time we had to put together trees (Woodland Scenic's) 

Not bad right?

Take a look at what we can do when we get motivated!

130 LOS blockers are ready to be painted
10 Lunar Corner Ruins for Narrative were built
10 Monument Hills for Narrative were started
32 Fantasy buildings are ready to have windows and doors glued on and painted
36 Narrative connex containers are ready to be painted
50 Warmachine hills sanded and ready to paint
16 Fantasy hills sanded and ready to paint
90 Trees assembled and bases glued to the bottom.

In all we worked on/finished 314 pieces of terrain- That is what I call a good day!

Till next time


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hey Guess What.

It's that time again
There be a pile of terrain that needs: 

A) Cutting

B) Gluing
C) Kit Bashing
D) Harsh Language
E) All the above

If you don't know the answer come find out!

RSVP for lunch- 

Comment here if you want to go.

Hey you Warmachine guys

We are making hills for the event- want to help?

Later- RGH

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8 Build session

I can felt boards now?

Hello All,

Another Build session has come and gone. This week the turnout was a little lower than the previous two but still large compared to this point in previous years.  Once again the forces of nature have plotted to defeat us and once again the NOVA team has prevailed. This time it was snow flurries and bitter cold.

Maybe not bitter as much as annoyed
Our primary focus was tables, tables and more tables. Didn't we do this last year? And the year before?
Anyway we knocked out 39 tables for Infinity, Malifaux, Warmachine, and general use. 

Getting started

NO wrinkles!

The pile gets bigger

We also made progress on the GT's  L.O.S blocking center pieces in this case gluing sand to the 121 completed frames as well as the containers for the 40K narrative.

That's a LOT of pieces 

Looking forward to seeing this complete
Fantasy Terrain continued to get some love with the next step in house building: grout siding and roof shingles. Check it out

Wood Putty For Siding

Card Stock Shingles

In all it was a good day and the Boss was happy 

=========On  A side Note

Earlier in the week I had a chance to communicate with both the Fantasy folks and Warmachine lead. I was able to get some usable reference pictures for our Fantasy terrain. These are from their local gaming place.

Notice the pond?

For Warmachine I made a prototype for the new hill design requested by the lead. check it out-

Start with a 6x8 1" tall piece of foam

cut out a rough oval

for scale

straight sides for accuracy

All together now!

Well that's all the time I have for now