Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Final Terrain Build for 2016- July 23rd

Crossing the finish line!

Hello All,

last Saturday was our final build for the 2016 season. If it isn't done by now it's not happening. (special projects are exempt) Saturday was many things. It was the largest turnout of the season as around 20 people showed up to help. It was the only time this year we worked out of or original build site. Lastly it was one of the hottest days of this year so far.  At it's highest point the temperature hit 105 degrees.

 Thank goodness for the sun shades

We had 3 of them bad boys

Getting setup

We did a quick and dirty inventory of what we has completed this year. over all the numbers looked good.

Water features and hills

AOS Rocky islands


This was the largest turnout for this year of airbrushes. At one point we had 5 of them going at once!

Houses suck!

Production line in action


We put the finishing touches on most of our ongoing projects including getting all the tectonic Craft studio pieces painted as well as several others.

Tectonic Terrain ready for action

The last of the infinity terrain 

Walls for Malifaux 

columns for the Malifaux special tables 

Water features for warmachine

Packing up

We worked most of the day by 6 PM we were down to around 6 people so we packed up and called it a day. 

In all we put in 9 hours on a really hot day, so when you see members of the staff at the NOVA Open remember that they put in a lot of time and energy to make sure you get the best event in these parts. Pat them on the back or give them a high five to let them know you appreciate it.

I am happy to say the build season is closed!

More finish line humor

BTW: Lunch was Tex/mex Mmmmmmmmm...


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Terrain Day July 16, 2016

Hello All,

Yesterday we had our 8th terrain day. The turnout was reasonable, but the progress exceeded expectations! We did another cookout style lunch so hats off to the chief.

Take a look at how things are going.

Water features- This year marks an unprecedented number of requests for water features. 
Hobbit, Malifaux, and Warmachine have all requested water terrain. Here are some of the pieces that have been worked on.

Frozen water.

Darker colors were added to show depth

Lines of white were added to help with the ice effect

White pigment powder was mixed with water and applied to the
still drying realistic water to make the water look frozen.

Ponds and marshes

Darker colors were added to show depth

Some turned out more green other more brown.
Tectonic Craft Studios terrain

TCS made us some really nice simple kits for our Warmachine team. Walls, Tree bases, rough terrain, and hills.


Walls prepped for the terrain day

Test hills

Rough terrain

The House project

This one has been a big use of our resources this year- 78 houses in two different sizes and styles.
We did not realize just how labor intensive this project would become. It is almost over 23 of the houses are done and the rest are at least assembled. We will finish them on the next build!

The last of the houses getting assembled.

23 finished houses ready for the table!

I may have to go back to that last one...

Some of the houses primed for the final round of painting.
Trenchworx Tanks!

For the second year in a row Trenchworx has supplied us with amazing tanks for our Grex Airbrushing competition. This year's tank- The Panzer IV. We managed to get all 30 tanks built in a day!

Skyfire mode?

For Lunch we had another cookout and our Grill master knocked it out of the park again.

The next (and final) build for 2016 is next week (July 23rd.) I need all who can attend to be there. there is still much to be done. Let me know if you are interested.

Till then,