Friday, September 11, 2015

NOVA OPEN 2015 Post Event

Well the NOVA Open 2015 is over but what an event it was! For me the event was a rollercoaster of fun and excitement. Running both the Capital Palette  and Army Appearance Judging was a lot of work, but was rewarding in many ways. Getting a chance to support  Justin, Roman, and Raffa was a real pleasure.

Judges hard at work

Getting invited to a special dinner with the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation artists was an honor I will never forget. Check out some of their work!

Secret Shot at Artists dinner.

The Hobbit SBG made a big splash at NOVA Open 2015.

Nice Tables

Two words STAR WARS! X Wing was HUGE this year. With FF releasing a new starter set during NOVA weekend to boot!

Classic Shot

Good Idea!

Cool Repaints

My table did quite well selling for $200.00 in the charity auction.

THE Eldar Board in action!

Charity Armies on Display

There was a lot of really neat new terrain (and some old favorites) in the various halls including Dropzone commander!

Dropzone Commander Boards

Infinity Boards

Board By Terrain Eric (11th Company)

Narrative Board 

My original table one centerpiece (2011)

5 years and Still kicking!

Original 2011 NOVA Open

By John Stiening

Malifaux (Board by Alex Wright)

Age of Sigmar

There were some really great painting competitions this year outside the Capital Palette.

Check out these tanks from the Grex Airbrush speed painting competition.

The Tanks I built looks so good now.

Powerplay had a model lighting competition look at these…

Best Display Board

Best Lit Army

Till Next time