Sunday, March 27, 2016

Build session update

Check this out to see how we are going to make the water features!

Of course we went with the MDF rather than CDs. This is going to be fun!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Build Session March 19, 2016

Hello All,

The Second official NOVA Open Build session of the 2016 season was held yesterday. What a turnout! Thanks to everyone who showed up I hope you had a great time! This year we are using a different venue for our build sessions. A member of our board of directors has allowed us to use his garage for this season. Thank you Neal!

We managed to get just about everything on the list created (and a few more besides). Even the rain cannot stop us!

Here was the list going in:

 Plans for 3/19/2016
·         30 Small Hills for Hobbit sized 6x6 inches
·         8 Houses for Hobbit  6x6 inches and 4 inches high
·         6 med ponds for Hobbit 6 inch diameter
·         10 small ponds for Hobbit  5 inch by 5 inch diameter
·         30 Small ruins for Hobbit 6x6 inch base Unable to complete
·         20 Small Ponds for Malifaux 5x5 inch base
·         20 Small Houses for Malifaux 3x5 inch base

Mold Making Demo for Hobbit  Infinity/Malifaux project
Mold Casting Demo (wood Crates for AOS)

Open discussion of new fence design (castable)- NEW Design developed!

In the End we ended up making 30 small 2 inch high hills that we will find a home for at the event!

Below is a message from the Director for creative projects and consumables that was at the top of the build plans yesterday.

Welcome to the first actual build session of the 2016 season.  We have a great starting off point this year as the Hobbit team has asked us to create several interesting projects. Everyone who was at last year’s even will remember that the Hobbit events had some of the finest tables in gaming. We have our work cut out for us.

Malifaux has also asked us for a large order of things to assist with their continued growth. This is a game that is near and dear to many members of the NOVA Open staff so let us work hard to impress.

I look forward to working with you this year and if you have any question at the terrain build do not hesitate to ask.

Director for Creative Projects and Deliverables



Here is how the day went down:

The Foam cutters were in force quickly knocking out 30- 2 inch high 4x4 inch hills. 
They were quickly sanded and ready for paint but... There was a problem. The hill were too tall. Hobbit SBG needs 1" increments so models can climb them.  The 2" hill were no good for that, so after also explaining how small a 4x4 inch footprint, we got to work making 30 more at 6x6 inch hills with 1" height and many to have a second smaller 1" rise on top just to make them different.

The houses were easier as we already have experience with them. 6x6 for Hobbit SBG. Made from Warmachine concepts from 2013 and 3x5 like the ones we did last year. 

Hills to tall and too small a footprint. These will be gifted to another system at the NOVA Open

In the back you can see the water features drying after a mix of sand and glue was applied around the edges to make a cup to hold the water effect. 

MDF bases- Despite the rain we were able to get all the bases cut and sanded for our current needs. 

 Fence Prototype 

Some of the guys came up with a castable design for a fence that Malifaux needs. 
I think it came out well:

New designs 

Our Staff Wrangler also came up with nifty build by numbers set of instructions and Robby stepped up to try it out. The idea is that we can decorate it to look like whatever game system we need.

How is it coming along?

Mold making Demo:

Always use a scale

Measuring the Materials

Make sure you get it all.

Adding the catalyst to the base material

Pouring from on high reduces air bubbles

Now we wait.
Mold Casting

Crates for AOS

Merlin's magic was used to cast these fine pieces.

What do you think?

Overall the day went well. I hope to see you at the next event. Till then Later!