Sunday, March 23, 2014

Terrain Day 3-22-14

The NOVA Open terrain builds- We Make worlds 

Hello All,

Yesterday we had 6th Build session for 2014 and another massive turnout! we hit 30+ once again. All sorts of good stuff got worked on including the first painting for the year. This was with the house sprayer of course. Man, can that thing knock out terrain! Lunch was the fan favorite BBQ. I hope to see you at the next build. Enjoy the picture show.

Keeping out of the sun

Families working together 

Infinity Hills


More Trees

Beginnings of Water features

Great Lakes Malifaux style

Finished feature

Experiment with a new medium

Rage goes a'paintin

Even the young ones help out

LOS Blockers drying in the sun

Get some!
Post Activity Meeting
Well that's All I have time for today. 
Till Next time


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Build Session 3-8-14

Hello All,

Today was a great day to build! The turn out was light but the work was intense and fun. Lots of projects got worked on.

For Fantasy It turns out that 7 of the Fantasy houses were not finished after all and still needed roofing tiles. There was also the matter of doors and windows for the houses. We also managed to get 32 bases cut for water features.

Houses getting started

Well underway

Shortly after houses found

A while later



Future Ponds


In Malifaux: Table designs were worked on and concepts tested to bring the best Malifaux tournament possible to NOVA 2014!

Terrain elements

A Plan in the works

"The Swimming pool goes here!"

High tech Planning

A new table concept

For Infinity we worked on the Cube table project. WOW over 400 cubes of various sizes cut and weathered in a day.

First cuts

Where did everyone go?

Back to work

Food Wise it was Quiche and doughnuts for Breakfast and Tacos for Lunch Mmmmmm.

Good Food served here

For the health folks
Nova food is the best as always!

All this to make your stay at NOVA 2014 even better.

Till Next time