Friday, August 11, 2017

The 2017 NOVA Open Airbrush Speed Painting competition

This year's NOVA Open Airbrush Speed Painting competition is going in a different direction. Gone are the tanks from previous years. (Links 1/2)



In their place are these amazing vehicles for Trenchworx own game: Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat ( The chosen car is from the Road/Kill Viking Pack and were all assembled the same way.

From the Trenchworx website used for illustrative purposes.
The ones I did were put together slightly different from the example above. 

Assembly of these models was a little time consuming. To be absolutely honest there was flash and excess material on most of the kits that needed t be clipped, scrapped, and/or cut off before the pieces were ready for assembly. Overall though they cleaned up real nice. The metal parts were cleaner than most I have worked on in the past and were ready a lot faster than the resin main sections.

Putting the parts together was the best part as the pieces fit together with minimal effort and look pretty good when assembled.  

I was able to get all 27 cars completed in just three building sessions of around 2 hours each.

Priming these models took a few hours. As usual I used Vallejo Light Grey primer and a few light coats later they are ready to go for the competition!

Well That's it for now.