Sunday, March 26, 2017

Terrain Build March 25 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday we had our second terrain build for 2017. With this being Adepticon weekend it is not surprising that the turnout was on the light side. Still we had a better turnout than in some previous years.

10 people is respectable for such a weekend... :)

Anyway- We continued our work on the AoS LOS blockers and completed assembly on all 50 pieces. Some still needed stonework done on them but this was accomplished in short order and all are ready for final trim and paint.

Folks hard at work

Some of the assembled pieces.

During this process there were lots of extra foam chunks that would normally be cast off and thrown away, but with this year's theme of "not a drop is wasted" we will be using the extra to make scatter terrain for 40K. 

Even the foam bits we pinched to make the blasted rock effect is being used for rubble.

Lastly- Since it was such a beautiful day we set up the pavilion and cut up some MDF to make tree bases and water features.

In all it was a productive day and I look forward to our next meeting on April 8th!



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