Sunday, March 12, 2017

Terrain Build March 11 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday we had ourselves a terrain build session! the first official one of 2017. We had to split the day between business (NOVA staff meeting) and terrain building (Bob's builders.) I think it went well.

Due to some unforeseen logistics issues we were forced to narrow our focus for the day to the Age of Sigmar wall sections mention in the last two posts.

Since we were so focused the progress on this assignment was impressive.

We worked off of printed bill plans

We cut up n 8 foot by 4 foot sheet of 2" foam to make all the parts

Lots of sections

I also designed a 40K version of the Wall section.

This is bid towards the needs for the 2017 40K GT and other events.

Finally our Staff Wrangler dropped off two pieces of terrain for is to consider in the role of mass production.


In all it was a productive day. 

The next event is March 25th with the location TBD.

Till next time.


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