Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fence Building part 2

Hello all,

This the part two of the fence tutorial I started here

When we last left our work in progress we had something that looked like this

This was OK but I feel that it could benefit from some color to make the wood look more colorful.
At the build session we dipped the wood in coffee to stain it. In the past I have used black tea for a similar effect. It gives a light but visible effect. this time around I wanted to do something more visible so I decided to go with an old favorite:

Chestnut Ink "Old School"
The effect is more bold with an ink or wash so water it down a bit. :)
Here is how it came out:

It will really stand out now...

The piece is pretty much finished but like most terrain a little flock can go a long way to add realism to a terrain piece. I decided to go with clump foliage from my own collection mixed in to get a three color effect.
At the build session we actually had around 7 colors and mixed them freely.

Simply glue it on.
Note: it looks more natural to have the clumps around the base of the posts as this represents places that require special equipment (weed eaters) to keep trimmed and so get missed frequently when mowing the lawn...

Well I hope you found that helpful. Please let me know if this is a feature that you think would be goo addition to the blog.

Till next time...



  1. You should add sheep like in Warcraft =)

  2. Good idea. Unfortunately I have no sheep. I may be able to find a small dog or cat to add flavor...

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    Thanks for advice step by step.
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