Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Road goes on...

Hello All,

The NOVA has come and gone and left a mark on all who attended.  I think that overall it was a huge success and everyone who participated (Win or lose) should be proud of what was accomplished. We managed to make the 2012 NOVA bigger and better than all previous events and after 2011 that is saying something. So congratulations to the Staff and participants of NOVA Open 2012- GREAT JOB!


I was fortunate enough to be one of the appearance judges again this year. I say fortunate because it allows me to get Really good look at folks armies and not look like a war gamer fan boy. In fact sometimes I get to watch people stand nervously while I inspect their army like a real life officer checking a military units uniforms and guns. It can be a little fun and a little intimidating that so many people value my opinion to the point of tension. 

Below are some photos of the 40K appearance finalists


Best Army

Renaissance man

Single Mini and Conversions
Best Mini
Best Conversion

More pictures on the way soon

Till next time


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