Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Build Session #2 2013

Hello all,

This past weekend the NOVA crew held their second build session. This year we dove into actual terrain building by the second session. (See old posts from this time last year to see what we did last time.)
The order of the day was 40K and Infinity. For Infinity we needed to make a bunch of blanks that are going to be "Textured" into something cool. For 40K we busted out multiple tables worth of NOVA style terrain. This time through we decided to make everything stack-able. (See below)

I don't want to go into too much detail at this time as we are keeping that to ourselves till the event nears.

For now just enjoy some of the pictures taken during the day...

Terrain bases being sanded

Scatter terrain being designed

Just some of the work completed Saturday
We had the foam cutters out in force and got a ton of stuff cut and shaped 

Wood Glue is your friend
Partial LOS blocking terrain being designed
6 partial LOS blockers

Told you they were stack-able!

As we have come to expect the Host from NOVA central put on a fantastic  meal for all involved. BBQ and Ribs!

All kinds of Yummy goodness

Cupcakes for dessert

Well that's all the time I have this week. The next session will be at the end of March. You don't want to miss it...
Till next time.


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  1. Sad to see that those knuckleheads are still using lighters on pink foam...and indoors too.