Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"On the Road again"

Hello All,

This past Saturday we had what was without a doubt the largest NOVA Open Kick-off EVER!!!
28 brave souls showed up to battle the elements and each other (for work space- LOL)  all for the greater glory of our beloved NOVA Open War gaming convention. Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to Mike and L. for making it possible.

We hit the ground running and  managed to get all kinds of stuff done for 2014. we blew through all of the X wing tables and sorted out the Infinity terrain (giving us a clearer picture of what needs to be done) Filled several boxes of prefab wall sections for the 40K GT and managed to actually start assembly of line of sight blockers for the event. In the End even Fantasy got some love with "Out of the box" ideas from our art staff.

Well I have talked long enough so here is what you came here for- a first glance at what is coming up this year...

Setting up for work.

Special Delivery 

"I think it will look better over here"

No one told Mike we were getting coffee

Setting up tables

Check out all the stuff we worked on


Infinity gets sorted out

Craft corner

real work getting done

This is Logan's Hero!

X Wing Table going down

Infinity for dinner?

What could it be?

No job is unimportant at the NOVA

All that and rain too

And flip 2..3..4

Still going

"This means something!"

Cube board

We actually got to build stuff

That is a lot of Foam!

Cut and ready for packing
Food- What can I say NOVA food is always the best- take a look.

yes this is real.you are not imagining it

a salad so that it can be called healthy

Mmmmm Bread
And here are few pictures that did not really fit above but are here for completeness.

Infinity leftovers that will be converted to 40K

This was a serious rainy day

Infinity keepers

Big stack O foam

At the end of the day everyone was pretty much beat

After everything was put up Mike ran a Hill building demo that I heard was pretty cool. (I went home as I was dead on my feet.) This was such a great day- I hope you agree. :)

We have another one this month so look out for it and if you are interested in joining in on the fun add a comment or go here and find out how.

Till next time


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