Monday, May 19, 2014

Build Session May, 17 2014

Hello All,

Another Build session has come and gone. The turn out was a little light but by the amount of work done you would never know it! Check this out.

That's a lot of stuff!
We started strong finishing up projects from last time like the cottages, Stucco buildings, and Shanty huts

All for these are ready for paint.
A real press was made to get Infinity and Narrative terrain under control and I think we made a dent in it. check out there shots of work in progress
Mike Brandt working on a game he does not even play. Now that's dedication!

 Lunch was served and once again Mike showed us why he's a triple threat- Gamer, Tournament Organizer, and Grill cook! Check out this spread.

Oh Heck yea!

I wanted to talk about Malifaux last. Mostly because I worked on some the coolest center pieces we have done to date. These first shots are of the preliminary designs before the center portions were even glued down.

Here the pieces have been glued down and plaster added to fill in the open spaces. Keep a look out as I took these home for some personal attention and will be posting several stages as they are completed.

I am really looking forward to this one.
Here are some shots of some of the other Malifaux center pieces
Temple ruins of some sort

Hooch Stills
The Hooch house

I can't wait to see these painted! 
One last thing-

More on these later...
And finally when all was said and done I asked Mike his opinion on all the extra tasks we have been working on this year. Here is what he had to say
I think that says it all.
Well that's all the time I have. Till next time.

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