Monday, July 14, 2014

Terrain Build July 12 2014

Hello all,

Our latest Build event was held this past Saturday. The air was thick with the fumes of paint! Once again I was unable to make it but good folks who were there were kind enough to pass along so great pictures I want to share with you.

It looks like a lot of stuff got attention on but more work is needed. The 27th is the last build of the season and would be a great way to get that last bit of volunteer credit or make a huge impression with the NOVA staff. If you have time I would highly recommend showing up. 


In other news the NOVA open Charitable foundation has launched it's own Blog to help get the word out about all the cool stuff they are doing! If you have seen the recent posts here and at RGH then you know what I am talking about. Go and check them out Here


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