Thursday, August 14, 2014

Emergency Terrain day August, 9 2014

Behind the glue tub is something so amazing Joe does not want you to see it! Find out what it is at this years NOVA Open!
Hello All,

This past Saturday we had an emergency build session to finish up an obligation to one of our sponsors Bandua Wargames 

We put together (and painted ) dozens of buildings and ruins last Saturday these kits are pretty sweet and go together easily (with or without glue)

Take a look at these action shots...
Ruins being assembled

Getting the air brushes ready

This ruin splits into three parts

first set of painted buildings

Painted quickly but maintaining the renowned "NOVA standard"

Can't wait to see them on the table.
A few things had to be taken as home work. I was lucky enough to get the center piece Mag Lev Train. This thing is huge! it measures 52 inches when put all together but breaks down into 6 parts. It took My wife and I 8 hours to put together the next day. Check it out:

This is 48" by 30" table

check out the detail
I decided that the scale was not obvious enough so I added some tanks to push the point.

5 Rhino size tanks 1 Dreadnought and a wolf lord on thunderwolf

The only way to ride into battle
Well that's all the time I have for now. 

Till next time


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