Sunday, April 19, 2015

Terrain Build 4/18/2015

Hello All,

Yesterday we had another successful build session. About a dozen people showed up including three new builders! Together we knocked the stuffing out of my list and made us ready for the May terrain day. Thanks to everyone who came out and made yesterday go so well.

About Mid day

At the end of the day

That's what I'm talking about!

In The News

The DC Hobbit League  Is partnering up with the NOVA Open to bring Games Workshop's Hobbit Strategy Battle Game to NOVA 2015! I recently had a chance to meet with their founder DCHL Devin at a local game store. Read about it here. Devin was one of the new builders mentioned above. Welcome to the family DCHL.


 Projects covered from the list

Narrative Hills- These went through a transformation going from:  


It may not seem like much but it will go a long way towards the theme for our ever growing narrative.

Shipping containers- Finally done as it was decided that edges needed to be added to make them More realistic.

The forest bases have been ground and are ready for painting!

The Pond bases have been ground and then molded to get ready for paint and later water effect.

The Warmachine 3" by 5" houses are done and ready for painting

DCHL Devin throwing in and lending a hand.

The VIP KR Bags have shown up but a lot of work was needed to get them ready for the event Luckily we had people ready to jump in.

The Bags are now in storage.

The prep for may painting is complete. we have two working house painter spray guns. 

Lastly two full boxes of broken terrain were repaired and needs a little touch up paint. 

Taco's were the order of the day for lunch and as always the NOVA is the place to be for food! I am sure our new folks were impressed.

Overall this was a big WIN for NOVA staff and volunteers.

Good Job people!



  1. Why did you only cover up some of the to do list items on the last whiteboard photo?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The removed items were projects that are not on the "to do" list I originally submitted or were removed because the TO for that event decided to pull that request (example: the trenches for Warmachine)

    I wanted to show off what we actually got accomplished.

    Thanks for the comments.


  4. Gotcha. I was thinking I lucked into seeing secret info!

  5. Gotcha. I was thinking I lucked into seeing secret info!