Saturday, June 6, 2015

NOVA Open - All Kinds of new stuff

Hello All,

The Virtue
The NOVA Open in 2015 will have it's first convention mini! Check it out!

"Not in the face!"

This thing is amazing! I have to get one.

Train cars

For 2015 we are knocking out 3 more of the cool train cars from Tectonic Craft Studios
This time the theme is Hordes!
Freshly built


Primed Grey

Soon to be Skorne Car

Soon to be Circle car

Star Destroyer 

You may or may not have been following the construction of this mega sized centerpiece here.  If you have then you know it's big but you don't truly realize the scale until you see it yourself.  This thing is 


Seriously this thing is the largest terrain piece I have ever seen and we have had some pretty big projects around here!

Original Plan for the 1/2 scale 28mm Washington monument

The monuments project from 2012
Well, what I am about show you makes the above look like chump change.  Check ... This...Out:

Queue up the Imperial March!

Lights and sound

Battle Damage

For Scale!

A terrain piece a person can get behind literally...

Breaks down into 3 parts for storage

What do you think?

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  1. That is Awesome!!!

    How close is it to being in scale to X Wing models?

  2. Slightly smaller scale than the fighters but in scale with the Blockade runner (the one from the opening of episode 4) that FF released a while back.