Monday, July 13, 2015

Terrain Build 7/11/2015

Hello All,

Saturday was the last official terrain build session for 2015. What an amazing year so far. We had a about a dozen folks show up for what turned into a bright (hot) clear day. Airbrush stations were set up along with some last minute priming with the house painter and even a dry brushing team saw action. For me the highlight was the impressive use of some good old spray paint cans to finish up some of the projects. As far as I can tell our projects are complete to a point we can live with. Some them will see updates for 2016 but are good enough for prime time use now.

So without further babble here are the pictures

Prep and work
Tablescapes by secret weapon miniatures

Work hard and look good doing it!

Spray booths

cool stencil effect

Energy Fences 

These effects brought to you by spray paint

These look like real rocks but are plaster

Weathering effect done with vertical drybrush technique

Drybrushing done with a shade of pink.

More Tablescapes!
 Packing up for storage

 The aftermath
The post session spray booths.

Where did it all go?

The Back of the truck

Until “Show Time” the remaining weekends will be filled with NOVA events like the BBQ next week  and lots of prep for the administrative side of things. We need volunteers for this so don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment or emailing novaopen at gmail dot com.

Well that’s it for now.