Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 18th Build day

Hello All,

Last Saturday we had a glorious terrain day. The sun was up the temperature was perfect and NO RAIN! The turnout was better than the Evite led on so it was a good thing Mr. Brandt (Mike to his friends) brought extra Chow.

Progress was made of some of the more projects of 2016 (I am talking about the house project) Currently there are only 6 untouched houses left out of 60 to 70 we started with!

We were even able to prime a bunch of them as well!

The Ships are coming along. this was a much lengthier task than we originally thought, but we are in the home stretch! (Thanks JT for all the help!)

One had to be yellow!

The fences and walls for Malifaux, Warmachine, and Infinity are coming along nicely (we made and are painting 180 fence sections.)

Lastly the water features for Warmachine were cut out and shaped. 

Thanks Eric and Blake!
The Grub- What can I say. Simply perfect for a near summer afternoon. Mike brought Brats (Spicy and mild) and burgers (normal and Jalapeno) with cold beer and all American Cupcakes! 

This was a great day- The next one may be even better!
The only way to find out is to show up!



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  1. Miss these. Hope all the NOVA people are doing well!