Monday, April 24, 2017

Terrain Build 4/22/17

Hello All,

Saturday was our April 22nd Build session. The turnout was not bad considering the weather. Being April we got our fair share of rain, but still manager to get around 10 or so people over to work on terrain.

Projects from Saturday included sanding down the edges of water features and tree bases as well as finishing the trimming on the AoS LOS blockers and building a bunch of 40K LOS Blockers.

Lunch was from Potbelly and was Oh so good!.

We continued work on the 50 LOS blockers for AGe of Sigmar

This time around we were gap filling and adding detail

50 is a lot when you think about it.

Some old D&D figure boxes were donated to the cause gaing one
 last chance to bring happiness as war-gaming Terran 

The Water features and tree bases we cut out last month were finally prepped and actually saw paint

The 40K LOS blockers were built from the ground up and should be compatible with the upcoming new edition (Fingers crossed) 

They still need some work, but I have an idea on that one.

Till Next time


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