Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Road to NOVA Party!!! (14)

Hello all,

This past Saturday (June 2nd)  The NOVA crew put down their paint brushes and picked up their dice for a day filled with outdoor gaming, pool antics, great food, and an affirmation to make this the best NOVA yet!
The day began with gaming and snacking.  Three 40K and 1 Warmachine/Hordes table were set up in the outdoor studio (The driveway) Take a look at some of the action.

3 tables set up for gaming

Some folks never made it past the 40K tables

Food was served to the hungry gamers outside

Warmachine/ Hordes made a showing as well

We broke for food and watched the NOVA Open video again. It gets funnier each time I see it! What Video? If you have not seen it take a look *here* (Link to video) Go ahead I’ll wait…

Do you see the error?

After food and movie time our leader the “Triple threat” (40K Champion, Nova founder,  and now Actor) Mike Brandt called us together to pay homage to his greatness…

"Kneel before Zod"
In reality Mike wanted to give us a heads up on the latest and greatest of what is going on with the 2012 NOVA  for those whose lives have precluded them in the last few months.  For the latest check out Mike’s Blog *Here*

"And it was this big"

Mike Telling it like it is

Once all the serious business was concluded it was POOL TIME! Several of the party guests dressed out in Swimwear hit the pool hard. Games included Volleyball (with no net), 2 on 2 water football, keep away and Wave pool.  There are videos in existence but they will be released at the discretion of the guests involved.

"Down! Set! Hike!"
Force Perspective (They are actually 10 feet away from each other.
"Unnecessary Roughness!  five yards!  down over!"
Send in the mascot to put things in order!

In all it was a fantastic day and it looks like folks are charged to the final push. NOVA Here we come!



Did someone forget something?

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