Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road to NOVA 13 Getting the Jump on things

“Friends and neighbors “
RGH here reporting another fantastic build weekend! Over the two day period we managed to paint and finish almost 60 terrain pieces from Prime to table top. Bam!

Lush background supplied by nature

Just look at these snapshots of our team hard at work to bring you a better event.

Grrrrr Work to be done!
No shade anywhere

Always something new to learn
These two have the right idea. Stay in the shade!

And drink plenty of liquid!
The Airbrushes were in force and I have to say I was worried that that a fuse or two might get blown out, but not to worry the power stayed on! Take a look at the pics below of our team working the Airbrushes and some of the fantastic work accomplished.

Special thanks has to go out to out COO Dewey for his stepping up to run the build session on Saturday so that I could spend the day with the misses for our 6th anniversary.  I owe ya one!

Way to go team!

In other news…
The monument project continues to gain momentum. Check out these sneak peek shots at what is one of the most ambitious projects to date. I give you the Lincoln Memorial…

This thing is HUGE!!!

With a "Pop Top

Center Pieces are getting done and man are they a sight to see… Take a look at the RGH’s latest centerpiece for the 40K GT.

Check back for more shots of other center pieces already in progress…
Well that’s it for this week.

Till next time- 

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