Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Road to NOVA 12 (Things are moving fast!)

Hello all,

RGH here with another stop along the way to the NOVA Open.

This weeks build session(s) were somewhat on the lighter side as a select number of artistes showed up for what was a perfect day for painting. We managed to "bust out"  over 50 terrain pieces during the weekend!

Primed and ready to paint

This stuff is going to look great!

Sun baked terrain?

The work stations

My latest construct

Primed and base coated

As for airbrushes: Almost everyone that showed had one. Below is a picture of a NOVA staffer hard at work!

 Lunch was served and there was plenty to go around. There was BBQ, slaw, Potato salad, and fries. Along with all the beer and water that could be had. It was a feast fit for a King (or a gamer)

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In all it was a fun day and to those that missed it you really missed out!  not to worry we have another build in 2 weeks (May 19th) So If you are thinking about showing up at the next build session move that thought to action and show up. You will be glad you did.

Look for more next time...


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