Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Road to NOVA 11

Hello All,

RGH here with a new post on the latest pit stop on this ongoing journey we like to call the NOVA open.

Yesterday (Saturday) we held our 9th Build session for 2012. As always it was a blast. We had around 8 folks working hard and Mike Brandt.

Sleeping on the job?

Actually this is a photo of Mike taking pictures of the really great pieces of terrain we built yesterday. you can see his shots HERE.

As I said much work was done and the pieces created are above average and will only get better when painted. Here are some pictures of the workstations hard at work.

Assembly line- Ford would be proud
Bits Bits and more Bits
Lets get busy!
This is where ruins come from

And here are some pictures of our pieces compleated...

Pink City

And here are some of the finished (or mostly) pieces that some of our gang have been doing as homework.

 We had a special visitor of NOVA 2011 fame... You remember the Viking!

Here comes the invader

Who better than a Viking to make ruins!

The meal of the day- Brats and Burgers


Well that's it for now...

Till next time


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