Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to the Road

Hello and welcome to The Road To NOVA Blog.

This Blog will continue the "Road To NOVA" articles I have been writing since last Summer.

The Blog is also an extension of my primary Blog The Rogue General Hunter.

Why did I create the "R2N"?

The reason for the new Blog is twofold:

First- I feel like there is enough going on with terrain and other NOVA projects that the information needs it's own source.

Second- I feel that the NOVA Open posts, while entertaining, tend to move away from what the RGH blog is about (My own projects and stuff like that.)

Well that's it for now check back in in a few days for the next post... (We have a build session on Saturday)

Till next time


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  1. Another blog to follow, what ever shall I do :P