Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Road to the NOVA 2012 Part 10

Hello All,

Welcome to the New Blog. I hope the driving directions were accurate. :)

This past Saturday we had our first Build session for April 2012. This was our 8th session for this year.

Our goal this time 24 partial L.O.S blocking and 40 Scatter pieces.

We were making up for the remainder from last session as well and hitting our numbers for the current build day. Once again our fantastic staff of volunteers proved that they were up to the challenge.

Not only did they complete all that was asked of us but also managed to glue/sand texture tons of our completed buildings and cut/shape a pile of wood bases for the terrain we were making that day.

Urban Sprawl the NOVA way.............

keeps going... and going

and going and going and going...

To our team: Thanks for a job well done.

Below are some other pictures from Saturday's event. Enjoy

Every Build session should start with a good breakfast: Greek Yogurt + Chocolate + Vitamin water = everything a growing volunteer needs.

Lunch did not survive contact with the enemy. As always the eats were top notch and a reason in itself to show up for builds.

Here we see two of our work stations going strong. This is what it's all about...making a mess (and nice terrain pieces lol)

Well that's it for today.

I hope you like the new Blog and will come back and visit from time to time and see what's going on. If you really enjoyed it you could add yourself as a follower or if you feel up to it show up at a build session or two.

If all goes well we will be painting next session

Keep on truckin...


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  1. so with all of this city terrain, how about a NOVA inspired Apoch game with a full city as the backdrop. NOVA is one of the few groups that could put enough terrain together to do this. Imagine how fun it would be to spend 20 hours making the first move!