Sunday, April 27, 2014

Terrain Build 4-26-14

Hello all,

Another build session has moved to the "done pile" This last one split our time between painting water features and making Infinity Ice boards. We also managed to paint the plaster Tree trunks we sculpted.

The day started out with a good breakfast

The first thing we had to do was unpack everything.

Hidden treasure inside

Box o Lakes

Then it was off to the airbrushes!

Here we see the basic colors being applied

And the highlights!

Pretty cool 
A special note- One of our airbrush artists brought his GREX brush for all to see and admire. It was simply amazing. As you can see from the pictures above the GREX was used for all fine detail work and was more than up to the task. I will have to look into getting one for myself. 

A work of art on it's own!
INFINITY The Ice Boards

Our Infinity leads were out and about bringing you the next level in Infinity terrain Ice boards!
Check it out...

This is going to look so cool when it's done!

These fall under the "Other" category .- Rocks and Tree stumps

Lunch- Food at the NOVA build terrain is always good but this one was special. It was the first BBQ of the year. And the bosses pulled out all the stops for this one! There was so much food that I am not allowed to eat today. 

There were also Bratwurst and Hot dogs galore + Ice Cream for dessert. It was hard to get back to work.

There was a memorable moment when the wind picked up and blew all of the infinity terrain off the tables and across the Driveway. (The down side to pink foam is no weight.) The wind then attacked the airbrush stations almost blowing the pavilion over (We had to grab and hold till the wind died down) and the spray boxes off the tables...

We decided to take down the pavilion but the wind caught it while this was happening.

This thing went everywhere
   Lastly one of out team rode his bike to the build session. It looked so great I had to get a picture before he headed out.
The NOVA attracts cool people!
Well that's it for this week. See you next time!


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