Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nova Build 2015 Session 1

Hello All,

Today was the first official build session for 2015. We had 9 folks show up and started some of the projects for this years event. As always the unstoppable force that is the NOVA Open starts off slow but build in momentum as the months pass.

Any good build session starts with a plan and this was no exception. 

These are plans...

We managed to get quite a bit done considering the slow start. 

First- all the building stuff had to be taken out of storage and set up in its respective spots for use during the various build sessions. 

For Infinity we started working on 40 shipping style containers

Corrugated sides to add realism
For Malifaux we designed new hills for the Badlands tables and a new kind of soft cover

Project TW

Lunch was sandwiches, Chips and Mac'n Cheese!

 In other news I have been asked to continue the Dead Zone project from last year. And asked for more details. I have decided to take the up the request so look for that coming up soon.

The second tile complete

Close up. It is supposed to look like it was painted with a spray can by a "survivor"

I have two tiles left for the tutorial. I will explain what I did  to get this far before I do more.

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