Saturday, March 14, 2015

NOVA Build 3/14/2015

This skill is critical to manage a NOVA Build session
Hello All,
Saturday March 14 was NOVA Build session 2.  Despite rain and a slow start this was an extremely successful build day. I decided to do a few things different this time around. first I decided to send out a list of what we were going to work on to everyone I had Email for. The handout was 7 pages long (With lots of images) and is displayed below for your enjoyment. Next I engaged LB to be my facilitator so that I could concentrate on leading the team. It worked! 
Forgive misspellings I was in a hurry

LB (Acting as the facilitator) displayed the build diagrams in a prominent location for all to reference as needed. Pretty cool right?

We were unable to build the Gun Turrets on page 5 for lack of parts but most of the rest was done in good order.   Boards were cut to make water features and forests. Foam was Hot Wire cut and shaped to make special hills for the Narrative and Houses for Warmachine. In addition the rest of the corrugated cardboard was applied to the Infinity cargo containers
1/8 board

Hills and forests

Foam cutting

Special hills

Here is where we were by lunch
As you can see almost everything was at least started by lunch

Speaking of Lunch... Spaghetti and meatballs, Salad, Bread, Bourbon Wings, and cookies!

After lunch the rest of the cutting was knocked out in short order and the workspace cleaned up. The team then tackled the most challenging assignment of the day. Brick work on the Warmachine buildings. But the team really showed their stuff when they not only knocked out the 30 buildings but also did a few extra by accident and had to be told to stop! One of the Malifaux T.O s liked the desogn so much he wants to make a town board that will feature a bunch of them as well.
Little Pink houses

These will look so cool when painted

Putting the tops on

A little extra details

 After this we sand papered and glued the Hills for the Narrative, t everything away and cleaned up.
All done by 4:30
Great Job Guys!

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