Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16th Build session 2016

Hello All,

Today we held the third terrain day for the 2016 season. We had a pretty good turnout and a fine warm day. These two combined into a fantastic amount of progress. We were able to get all of what we finished last time base coated and we made huge progress on the houses that this year are being taken a little farther than last time by having wooden exteriors (made from wooden coffee sticks)  

We made a great start on the Age of Sigmar Flotilla. Keel laying no less than 12 Warships. In proper maritime fashion we celebrated at lunch with pizza. 

We even managed to get a little airbrushing in at the end.

Thanks everyone!

Director for Creative Projects and Deliverables

As a side note- April 5th was this Blogs 4th Birthday! 

Prep for today's build

Prototypes- I like test beds and prototypes - (unlike a certain company I know of...)
I feel like testing an idea is far more intelligent than just bumbling into a situation with no plan.

So I sat down and built a prototype of each house design we will be using this year.

The thatched roof will be made from an old wash cloth.

The small cottage needed to be re-glued

The first row of boards

The concept window. A square of paper towel was used as a drape

Pins were used to keep the sticks from warping while the glue dried

The corners will get a separate covering

Making the Door

I found it was easier to let the sticks dry then cut them to fit

The Build

New Shelves Added to site (Thanks Blake and Eric!)

Devin Working the hot wire knife (like a boss)

Could those be ships in the distance?

Prototyping ruins for Hobbit

Using the prototypes as a guide slats are added to the Thatched roof cottages 

Painting out in the yard

The finished fences we cast last month!

Hills primed

Extra care was taken for the Hobbit houses

An experiment using a dremel tool to speed things up

Keel Laying!

Started painting the water features for Hobbit

Designing the sides of the Raider ships

In all it was a productive day. Thanks to all my friends who came out to help. Without you we would be playing on empty tables!

The remaining dates are:
May 21
June 18
July 16
August- Pretty much the entire month will be busy as heck.
September- NOVA OPEN 2016

See you next time!


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