Saturday, April 30, 2016

Springfield GW Painting competition - NOVA Open style

Hello All,

I am a little late getting this out, but last week 5/23 The Springfield Games Workshop held a miniature painting competition and I was was asked to judge. This was a fantastic opportunity to promote the NOVA Open  appearance system. So following the official primer I gathered my team and armed with white gloves, and Judging forms (we even had flashlights in case we needed a "photo finish") we set out to find us some winners.

In normal GW fashion categories were divided by game system. Hobbit, Age of Sigmar, and 40K. Single models (no units)  and the 40K competition also restricted entries to infantry sized only. These were the store's rules not mine. 

The competition was fierce with most entries falling into the Tier 2 category. There was some really good stuff.

Some of the 40K entries

All of the entries were kept anonymous to keep things fair and none of the judges had seen any of the entries prior to the event. It took us over 40 minutes to make our selections and when done we were confident that the correct models had been chosen.


In this case places were in order of entry :)
1st, Sharku on Warg
2nd. Gandalf
3rd. Aragorn

Age of Sigmar

1st. High Aelf Wizard 
2nd. Drycha 
3rd. Khorgorath

Warhammer 40,000

1st. Terminator Chaplin
2nd. Space Wolf  Lord
3rd. Captain Sacarius

After the awards were passed out we were allowed to address the participants. It felt great to express how much joy we took in judging the competition and how close the competition really was. Afterwards we spent an hour or so talking to any participants who wanted their work critiqued or answering questions about the NOVA style appearance system. While there we also encouraged all to keep working and consider entering the 2016 Capital Palette at the NOVA Open.

I hope some of them do!


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