Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fawks Hunt- November 5th 2016

Hello All,

Last Saturday I had an opportunity (nay Honor) to play in a narrative/competitive event called Fawks Hunt.   The event was at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fawks Hunt was run by Nova Open's own AOS organizer Aaron B. and 1/3rd of the players were Nova Open Staff.

Aaron covered the event at the site Fancy & Lintyan Wars.

Notes on the rules for the event can be found here

Here are my highlights

The first round was a three way Triumph & Treachery battle pitting the forces of Chaos (Nurgle Daemons) (me) against Order (Stormcast Eternals) and Destruction (Iron Jaws.) in this game we were given coins to use for bribes and other forms of wheeling and dealing. 

Round 1

Moving my troops forward

I attempted to use summoning to get my troops down field faster 

Order made their move first gaining the "artifact"
(the main objective of the battle.)

The three forces face off.


Here comes the Great Unclean One!

The General of the Stormcast make
to escape with the Artifact

Scrum well underway 

This does not look good for the Stormcast Lord

Last turn of the game.
I could not get the the Artifact in time.

Round 2

Round two was a skirmish using 100 points per player using third party Skirmish rules

I did better in this round than round 1.  I managed to get a win without losing a single model. 

The Board

My Furies looking for clues

The Rest of my team also searching

My opponent- Bloodbound looking around.
The Objective was to find clues that would help someone use the Artifact from round 1. I managed to find the clue first and keep it from my opponent for the rest of the game. 

Round 3

Round three had me facing off against the Destruction player from round one. He won rounds one and two so he had the Artifact and knew how to use it. In this case it allowed him to Teleport once per game to anywhere on the table. He used it to good advantage as you will see. This battle was fought at 2000 points.


Dragon Ogres and Bloodletters

Ready to fight!

Dragon Ogres 


Chaos Spawn 

The Orruks counter attack

The Ironjaws General uses his Teleport
power to move to my objective.

The Cockatrice and Chimera attack the "Battletoad" 

The Cockatrice and Chimera take the Ironjaw
General to half wounds in one round. 
The "Battle toad" (Ironjaw General) took out the
Chimera with his counter attack. 

Last Turn- I conceded victory to my opponent once he controled
my objective and his own and I had no units that
could get close in the time remaining. 

I did not do so well, but I had a great time anyway. Thank you Aaron for putting this event together. 

Till Next time.


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