Saturday, November 26, 2016

The 2017 NOVA Open Season is under way

Hello All,

The 2017 NOVA Open is just 9 or so months away. We need to hurry! ;p
Seriously- It will be here before you know it. 

Last week members of the NOVA Open Staff met up at the storage facility to inventory and count terrain. We also spent time looking over various terrain pieces and decided what needed to go an what could stay. 

It took nearly 8 hours to go over it all but I think we have a better understanding of where we stand going into the 2017 season.

Warmachine tree stands 

Warmachine Hills

Nothing but boxes...

Going in both directions.

Stuff to be checked and packed for next year.

Bottom of picture shows salvaged bases
for replacement terrain

This is the WRONG way to pack a box

Trash bag full of  discarded terrain

Monuments Project

Back in 2012 The terrain team built a series of models based on actual DC monuments.  Well 5 NOVA Opens later most have seen better days. It was finally decided that any could not stand alone would have to go. Currently there are  6 functional monuments left including the Washington monument, The American Indian Museum, and Korean War memorial, - Edited to avoid confusion 

Scale is too small, but what a model!!!

Art Museum 

This is all that  remains of the Jefferson memorial.

The Washington monument

Everyone who was there did an amazing job. Thanks to your efforts the net NOVA setup day will be just that much easier.

Till next time



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  2. It is a shame to see all of the DC stuff go. I think that American Indian Museum model is absolutely fantastic. Maybe you could salvage it and turn it into a science-fi tau building or something. It could be a neat NOVA easter egg.

  3. The only ones removed were the 3D puzzles and a few of the ones made less sturdy. Basicly the ones that fell apart over time. The really good one's like the Indian Museum and the Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, The Hursh Horn, and the Korean War Memorial are all just fine. We intend to keep using them, but the narrative story line has moved far away from the district. We just need to get creative.