Monday, July 24, 2017

Terrain Build July 23 2017- Hopefully the last of the season

Hello All,

Yesterday was an amazing day for building terrain! In advance I want to thank everyone who showed up and help as well as all the unseen heroes that helped make the terrain builds and the NOVA Open so successful.  As always it is an honor to work with you.

Yesterday we had a tall order to fulfill. We had 341 pieces of terrain to paint and 600 small wall sections from Tectonic Craft Studios (Link Here) to assemble and paint. We managed to get all 341 terrain pieces painted to a tabletop standard as well as assemble all of the TCS walls and even got most of those painted until the weather dictated that we were done painting for the day. :)

A summer storm blew in around 3 o'clock  blowing terrain off of tables and almost sending our sun shade to Oz. We quickly stopped all production and scrambled to get all outside activities cleaned and packed up.

We were not to be defeated though, and simply moved activities inside where we concentrated on getting the TCS terrain finished.  Less than half of the TCS walls are unpainted, but since they look pretty good "natural" I figure we can get away with using them as is this year and hit them early in 2018.

Lunch was served around noon and was some delicious sandwiches, fruit salad, Cesar Salad. Cookies and cake for dessert. The Sandwiches were awesome and I have to admit I over indulged a little.

Dan from Tectonic Craft Studios drove down from New York to be in attendance and personally deliver the 500+ wall sections we worked on. This gave us a great reason to hold hourly raffles for prizes. Every hour you were in attendance your name went into the box. the longer you stayed the better chance you had of winning. The Prizes were from TCS (naturally) and were quite nice. This worked so well we are considering making it a regular part of terrain builds next year. here are a few pictures of our winners. Sorry in advanced if I missed your photo op. 

Dan picking the next lucky winner!

In the end we worked almost to 5 PM on the nose. It was a long day, but a Prodigious amount of work was completed.  Hats off to all that attended!

See you at the event!


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