Sunday, July 9, 2017

Terrain Build July 8 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday I was able to attend my first terrain build at NOVA Open LLC's new corporate space. I must admit I was skeptical about using large storage lockers rather than or traditional  locations (volunteered garages), but I was impressed. The layouts is very straight forward and well organized. Unlike other places we have worked this one actually felt like it belonged to us rather than on loan.

This opinion seems to be the consensus as I was repeatedly told how much they enjoyed the new "digs." In almost every case I pointed them to our CFO who's brain child this was. So thank you LB for pushing through on this despite our unfounded resistance.

The build itself went very well. We had a strong turn out who stayed through to the finish. In total we built more than 100 new terrain pieces and primed all of these and everything else we have built so far this year!

We were also able to  get some paint on the new risers for our display cases. Folks who enter the CP this year will be able to see their work displayed better than ever before!

Trust me this is going to be great!

At the highest point we had three airbrush stations going and a team working on flocking all the AOS terrain we have built this year.

We even had time to fix up some terrain from last year. I am speaking of the amazing Ziggurat built for Age of Sigmar that will be making an appearance again this year! 

This thing is in pretty good shape :)
Lunch was prepared by part time chef and CEO of NOVA Open LLC. Mike Brandt. 

Note the hobby solution when we needed an extra table.

Traditional July fare hot dogs and hamburgers. The cool thing was the cheese was already in the hamburgers! I had not had those before so it was a real treat. The new NOVA Open Fridge was was well stocked with adult beverages and sodas and of course lots of water!

Overall yesterday was amazing! Lots of critical projects were completed and we are ready for the final push on July 22nd. Speaking of that The next terrain build will have a special guest and there will be a few surprises for some lucky volunteers. 

I hope to see you there!


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