Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Build session 4

Hello all,

This past Saturday we had us a build session. Thanks to Adepticon no one had a prototype for the pink foam blocks ready so we decided to work on smaller projects for our 16 Infinity tables and we even got to lay some paint on the 40K pieces we worked on before. Here are the highlights.

I told the TO that the trees are a little out of scale with the hills
40K pieces ready for paint
"How are we gona do this?"
The first painting of 2013!
Taking a break
ready for some color
OK so one concept was actually ready and it's pretty cool.

Blue prints for buildings

Fajitas for Lunch Mmmmmm
With all the trimmings!
Over all it was a great day and many glorious pieces of terrain were built or primed. 
I hope this inspires some of you out there to swing by and join us next time. Keep checking here to find out more about what we are doing next.

Till next time


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