Saturday, May 11, 2013

Terrain Build 5 "Construction under way"

Hello All,
Well another build session has come and gone. We are still plugging away at the Infinity project and we made some serious progress. Two weeks ago several of our Nova artists took 6" square blocks home to create buildings and scenery prototypes for mass production back at base. The results were pretty cool.
Take a look:
The four designs up for scrutiny
RGH Style cargo containers
The most complicated but super cool concept

We started painting in spite of the rainy weather and managed to get a good amount of stuff painted.
Good for keeping heads dry!
"Like a Boss"
When the sun came out the airbrushes came out of hiding!
I don't think he is fooling anyone...

As usual Lunch was a huge success and my tummy thanks you for it! (You know who you are)
This time around something new. Chinese food! Rock on!
I barely had time to snap this shot before it was all gone.

 In the end we had lots of stuff drying even after we put everything else away. We were forced to sit and "watch the paint dry"

"Isn't this ever so exciting" 
Over all it was a productive day and a good time all around!
Till next time


  1. You forgot the shipping crate for Soylent Green. Tsk, tsk.

    Your Asuras RGH?

  2. Really nice infinity terrain guys. This is going to be awesome.