Monday, June 16, 2014

Build session June 14, 2014

Hello All,

Saturday The NOVA Open team held their most recent build session and for once I had to miss it. :(

I was going to write a short apology post when I got the following from our COO- THANKS!

“We had 4-5 airbrush stations doing 3 level highlighting ( all but one box of the 40k LOS got done, plan to flock at next build) or painting the cactus.  Two guys on spray cans doing the trees (all done and in storage), doing all the fantasy walls (done and in storage) , the Malifaux craters on the small MDF, then they stared the infinity pieces, both objective markers and building add on( still have to finish).  3-4 people were on the house painter, got the black and light grey/off light blue done.  I did remember after lunch to take pictures that I'll send in a little while so you can update your blog. “

It looks like TONS of stuff got done.

Here are the pictures to prove it (at Random)

Well that's all the time I have now.

Till Next time


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