Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Malifaux Pools 5

It's all in the details

Hello All,

A further update with a LOT of Progress.  The highlights on the pillars and the Zombies are done and I have started the Snow using a cool tutorial I found on the Woodland scenic web site.

Colors added this time:

Secret Weapon: Soft Black
Games Workshop: Reikland Flesh Shade
Games Workshop: Coelia Green Shade
Games Workshop: Asureman Blue (Old GW Paint line)
Games Workshop: Knaeloc Green (Old GW Paint line)
Games Workshop: Rotting Flesh (Old GW paint line)
Games Workshop: Khorne Red Base
Games Workshop: Wazdakka Red Layer
Games Workshop: Wild Rider Red Layer
Games Workshop: Enchanted Blue (Old GW Paint line)
Games Workshop: Rhinox Hide Base
Games Workshop: Mornfang Brown Base
Games Workshop: Averland Sunset
Games Workshop: XV-88
Games Workshop: Naggaroth Night
Games Workshop: Mephiston Red
Games Workshop: Deathclaw Brown
Games Workshop: Genestealer Purple
P3: Meredius Blue
Vallejo Game: Dead Flesh
Apple Barrel:  Granit Gray
Army Painter: Ash Grey
Army Painter: Strong Tone

The Pillars were given a dash of the same Grey used for the center stone work. This dusting was simple to do and added a lot of character to the pieces.

The Pillars were then lightly dry brushed with Ash Grey to bring out the details.

Next the Zombies were painted various colors to make them POP then washed with strong tone to bring out the details. Since these zombies will be trapped in the "Ice" I felt that no more detail was needed. Still the strong tone from Army Painter (The Wash not the dip) is like "liquid talent."

Lastly I started adding Flex Paste to the flat parts to make a base for the snow. This is straight from the video so I look forward to seeing this done.

I started the water effects on this one as a prototype

Well that's it for now.

Till next time


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